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 holy paladin

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PostSubject: holy paladin   Sat May 03, 2008 2:16 pm


Name: Mastahealer

Class: Holy Paladin

Level: 70

Race: Bloodelf

Talent / Specc / also include Spell damage if caster and Melee add your hit rating and so on. Do Not Link Armory Here

Holy (41/20/0) - Bonus Healing 1344, Spell Crit Chance 18.32%, Mp5 40 while not casting.


Mining 375
Blacksmithing (Weaponsmith) 360

Age: 18

Your Location: UK

Current Guild: Azerothian Supervillians

Previous Guilds: Twisted Vortex (On my hunter Basquiat), Aurial, IDTD

Previous Raiding Experience: Kara (FUll), Gruul (FUll), SSC (FUll), TK (Didnt down kael'thas), ZA (1st and 2nd Boss), MAGGY (FUll), MotlenCore (FUll), ZG (FUll)

Pre-tbc: Joined WOW when TBC was introduced.


What you have to offer the guild? I would like to be in your kara raids just to see what you guys are like, i'm up for heroics aswell. Hopefully i will be able to fully raid with you guys and gals, like ssc and tk and so on but i dont think i'm ready for 25mans though. This was my alt character and now i've made it my main since i got bored with my hunter.

What you expect from the guild? Friendship, a laugh, and somewhere where i can chill.

Reason for leaving current guild? I got bored with 25mans on my hunter, i dunno .... constantly losing on rolls and well i have major college work to do at the moment so i went idle, but since my irl friend is leader of twisted vortex he let me stay as a non-raider, but i left due to the fact i felt like i was taking up empty space, so i left.

What add-ons / mods do you use? Pally Power, Omen2, Healbot.

Names of current Highway members you know: Barbieboy.

Summary of your background and interests

I listen to music quite alot, since i play a pally i listen to dream evil, rhapsody and so on Smile i love to pvp in my free time on wow, but out of wow i'm at college and leave ina few weeks, hopefully get a job and then i hope for quite a bit of free time so i can spend at home or with my girlfriend.

Thanks for reading ^^
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PostSubject: Re: holy paladin   Sun May 04, 2008 4:19 am

Inknow i'm a rogue, but i also know 1.4k healing ain't much... it's okay to SOME heroics and kara, but it also JUST, it was just my oppinion, but applicatin not accepted from me, when U have atleast 1.7. healing.. But it ain't up to me,
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holy paladin
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