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 Me and Sarky need an inv :D (tja oskar)

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PostSubject: Me and Sarky need an inv :D (tja oskar)   Fri May 02, 2008 1:47 am

Name: Xtract

Class: Rogue

Level: 70 (ofc Very Happy)

Race: Undead, da most pawafull! Very Happy

Talent / Specc / also include Spell damage if caster and Melee add your hit rating and so on. Do Not Link Armory Here

Ok, so my favorite build is Subtelty with PvE alignment (no Ambush improvement or such crap). Before you all start whining on that my specc could count as a PvP specc, do not underestimate me Smile. I'm willing to change specc but that has to be for a very good reason.

HP (PvE / PvP) = 8394 / 12104

Hit rating (PvE / PvP) = 263 / 89

Attack power (PvE / PvP) = 2005 / 1559

Crit chance (PvE / PvP) = 22,47 % / 27, 09%

Expertise (PvE / PvP) = 11 / 0


I got skinning and Leather Working, both 375 and i know most recipes in LW.
I got all secondary skills (Cooking, Fishing, First aid and Riding).
375 in cooking, 347 in fishing atm, 375 First aid 300 riding.

Age: 15

Your Location: Írebro, Sweden

Current Guild: Heat

Previous Guilds: Pink teddy bears

Previous Raiding Experience: Cleared Kara loads of times and know all tacts. Cleared Gruul several times and know the tacts. Some bosses in ZA in previous guilds (never downed anyone though lolz ^^) and some bosses in SSC (tidewalker, karathress, hydrus and lurker.

Pre-tbc: I started playing WoW when TBC was introduced so i have no Pre-TBC rading experience Razz

Tbc: well as i said before, Kara, Gruul, ZA, SSC.

What you have to offer the guild? I am a great DPS and i can raid almost every day a week. I rarely do the same mistakes twice and im a positive add to you guild. Besides a few more extra combo points is pretty nice imo Smile

What you expect from the guild: I expect you to be a progressing guild but not that serious. Allow people to make mistakes even though it is annoying.

Reason for leaving current guild: They got totally pissed on me when i said that i have to go after we'd downed lurker and they kicekd me (LOLZ). Please don't be that serious ^^

What add-ons / mods do you use?
Omen, DBM, Outfitter, Recount (That's working Very Happy), Atlas (That's not working Very Happy)

Names of current Highway members you know:
Zalai, your MT, Senyar and Sarky if he can join to ^^

Summary of your background and interests:
Well i'm a guy from Sweden, started playing WoW for like a year ago and now i got 2 70s, omg Smile. I like to sport so WoW isn't all my life ^^. I swim twice a week and tennis every week.

Well, that's all from me. Hope i'll get an inv Smile
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Me and Sarky need an inv :D (tja oskar)
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