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 gay blood elf ubersexy warlock

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PostSubject: gay blood elf ubersexy warlock   Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:08 pm


Name: Buckethead

Class: Warlock

Level: 70

Race: Extra Uber Mega Gay Blood Elf Male

Talent / Specc / also include Spell damage if caster and Melee add your hit rating and so on. Do Not Link Armory Here
Demonology for now. 5/45/11 But gonna turn affliction real soon. Just trying to learn demonolog approach. xD 950 Spell Damage 80% epic items.

Tailoring / Enchanting

Your Location
Current Guild
Captains of Darkness
Previous Guilds
Trip (freshman Karazhan guild)
Previous Raiding Experience
Zul Gurub, Karazhan and a bit Magtheridon in the last epic fight as a healer. (I persuaded a friend of mine to let me use it xD)

What you have to offer the guild?
Hmm let me see... Lots of stones of all sorts. Warlock In-Raid Transportation Service, my ultra sexy attractiveness, my 1 year of gameplay skills, ambitious raid excitement, funny (not irritating) chats and peace throughout the world!
What you expect from the guild
I just did Karazhan with 9 guys from your guild. You seemed cool enough to make raids with. Especially 25 men which I lack skills at. I really want to participate with full determination to raids. I can suit with you guys well enough (I guess) and you can teach me a thing or two in pve.

Reason for leaving current guild
Unprofessional management, lack of english skills of our leaders, unambitious players.
What add-ons / mods do you use?
Not much. Omen, Cartographer, Questhelper, Auctioneer, Some Warlock Macro Thingy, Range Indicator, Enchantrix and Atlas Loot.
Names of current Highway members you know
As I said I just made Karazhan with you guys. I think they liked me Razz Some names were (if I can remember correctly) Gurgolg, Barbieboy, Falcoo, Xxman... Forgot the rest.
Summary of your background and interests
I am a basketball freak in real life. (I wonder how this will help you:D Anyway.) I am studying at college now (meaning I have EXAMS so sometimes can skip raids due to unescapable facts Sad ) I play drums, we have a band here (underground ofc) We strive to make Progressive Rock for Rush, DT, Marillion etc. lovers...

I KISS YOU. hehe
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gay blood elf ubersexy warlock
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