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 xxman lvl 70 prot warrior

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PostSubject: xxman lvl 70 prot warrior   Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:01 pm

My name is Roi. Im 15 years old going to be 16 in 5/5/2008. I live in israel. i love playing chess and strategy games Razz

2a. Your character

Please include your character's status :

Im a warrior orc Razz. I have a good tanking gear. I have 3 t4 pieces and i have only two blues ( rest is epic Razz ). My offspec is fury that i have 1 t4 helm and most of my fury gear is epic Razz
My armory link :
My offspec :

Talent spec:
* What makes your specc good? Why did you take it, and what makes it better then any other "usual" PvE speccs.
- I make that spec will be good for tanking. I took advice from epic tanks so i will know what is better for my warrior spec and what i dont need in my spec.

* What are your key talent points?
- my key talent points is tohse that keep you alive and those that will give you better aggro

* How should your class/specc gear up for certain encounters? Aswell as normal stuff.
- Most of the good gear for me i can get only from raid dungens. I will do sometime heroic so i can get BOJ to improve my gear

* What kind of stats and ratings (respectively) are vital to your class/specc?
- To tall you truth in the start when i only ding to 70 i was really a noob Sad. I didnt know how to tank and alot of people called me a noob but time past and i learned how to tank now im reallly good at it and look at me now Very Happy im a epic tank with allmost full epic gear Razz

3b. What pre-/post tbc endgame raiding experience do you have?

I killed gruul and cleared karazhan. i also killed first boss in ZA ( i also did Halazzi in ZA but didnt killed him Sad ) downed 2 bosses in TK ( one in one shout ) and i killed one boss in SSC with my mage

4a. Why do you wish to join us? Why should we consider you?

I want to join to have fun after all this is the meaning all the game. Im prepared to help the guild at any time i welled be needed. I got 2 more 70s in this server so if you need extra DPS i will join as my athere charecters if it needed

4b. Do you know anyone here?
If you know anyone that can vouch for you, or give you some appraisement, we want to know.
I know Dup i was with him in my last good raiding guild. We did some funy stuff back in our old guild Razz pity bad the guild was broked up Sad

4c.How much effort will you put into raiding?

Im going to be in every raid i can be. I will do my best when im on raid

4d.Which days of the week are you able to raid?
Our usual raid times range from 19.00-23.00 server time.

i can raid every day Very Happy but the best days are Thursday and Friday

6. Have you read through our rules?

i read them can im accepting them as they are
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PostSubject: Re: xxman lvl 70 prot warrior   Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:05 pm

we got alot of tanks atm, but will wait for dup/sashaka to decide Surprised
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PostSubject: Re: xxman lvl 70 prot warrior   Thu Apr 17, 2008 6:38 pm

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PostSubject: Re: xxman lvl 70 prot warrior   

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xxman lvl 70 prot warrior
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