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 Protextion warrior(Accepted)

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PostSubject: Protextion warrior(Accepted)   Tue Apr 15, 2008 5:12 pm

Please use this form to submit your application.

1a. Who are you?
Your real name, age, where you live etc, occupation or social situation.
Please feel free to add any additional information about yourself to give us an introduction to you as a person.
Work offshore unmarried

2a. Your character

Please include your character's status :,
Class, race, gear (offspecc) and current / preferred raid build
Also include an Armoury Link.
Logg off with your PvE!! gear if you want us to get a correct assumption of your gear when you give an armory link

Undead Warrior Protection specc, mainly only been protection on him.

Dup know my gear, and my armory dont work. OR i can stand as a statue at Scryers bank in Shattrath City from 18-22 thusday 22.05.08 if wanted?
I have old main on emeriss alliance as dps class and i done all endgames

Talent spec:
* What makes your specc good? Why did you take it, and what makes it better then any other "usual" PvE speccs.
* What are your key talent points?
Because its the best tanking specc out there for 10-25mans raid ass MT

* How should your class/specc gear up for certain encounters? Aswell as normal stuff.
* What kind of stats and ratings (respectively) are vital to your class/specc?
For tanking these options are the main priority
dodge, [27%]
parry, [17.87%]
block[block amount] armor [23%]
armore ~16k
HP 14k unbuffed
defence [514]

3b. What pre-/post tbc endgame raiding experience do you have?

4a. Why do you wish to join us? Why should we consider you?
Because dub tells me that your guild has a great enviroment inside, and that people help each other when people do thing wrong and need help. And that players support each other and don harazzee each other. Very important to get great progress and players that show for raid with a smile;)
4b. Do you know anyone here?
Dup wanted to be my bitch? Dont really know;)
If you know anyone that can vouch for you, or give you some appraisement, we want to know.

4c.How much effort will you put into raiding?
I put what you demand!
4d.Which days of the week are you able to raid?
Our usual raid times range from 19.00-23.00 server time.
all days mainly
6. Have you read through our rules?
Not but first thing i do when i get invited.
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Protextion warrior(Accepted)
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